Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy Bloomsday, everybody!

When I first conceived of this project, I planned to finish the book by today. Obviously, that hasn't happened. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't mark the occasion.

My schedule doesn't permit much tonight, but I certainly will be lifting a pint for Leopold, whom I don't really know yet, but will before his day is through.

Here's a link to a bunch of Bloomsday celebrations around the country and the world. And even better, here's frequent commenter (and soon-to-be-contributor) Figserello's account of his Bloomsday in Dublin, ten years ago.


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tim m said...

Hooray for celebrations! I missed the one in San Francisco (even though it's within walking distance), but I'm headed off to the nearest Irish pub to search for the "after-party" - yeah, that's it. If I were Buck Mulligan, I might say, "The chores have ended; go in peace (to the pub) to love and serve the Lord (and have a pint of Guinness)."