Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't do what I did

I basically hadn't picked up the book for about a month. When I did! I didn't know what the hell I was reading. It could have been written in Spanish and I would have understood just as much as I did. Once I turned it upside down I was better.

I did go back to what I remembered and restarted from there. I was just sitting there blinking at the pages for a while though.


Brian "Arrr" Tarnoff said...

I'm in much the same position now. It makes me all the more annoyed with myself that I didn't tackle this back when I was a student. Finding the time to properly get to grips with reading that actually requires some concentration, not the dip in or out of casual bed time reading. I shouldn't even have any excuses as I'm currently unemployed (this doesn't mean I don't do anything, I volunteer in the New Forest for nature conservation amongst other things).

Rob S. said...

I'm in the exact same position -- with my rereading, no less!